Our Team is highly experienced and specialized personnel led by an internationally acclaimed Consultant Prof Prince Mike Ikupolati. Our staffs are highly skilled in their various fields and current in the knowledge of their subjects.


  • Michael Ikupolati (Chiarman)
  • Prof J. Oshanaiye (Director)
  • Prof Sam Ale (Director)
  • Mary Mike-Ikupolati (Director)
  • Abubarkar Sadiq Omar (Director)
  • Isokari Francis Ololo (Director)
  • (Mrs.) Maria Maya Kolawole (Secretary)


  • Prof Prince Mike Ikupolati (Nigeria) – Chairman (International Consultant)
  • Prof Tim Howard (USA) – International Facilitator (Management Expert)
  • Prof D Carter (USA) – International Facilitator (Human Resource Management Expert)
  • Prof Sam Ale (Nigeria) – Local Faculty (Mathematics and Data Analyst)
  • Prof J. Oshanaiye (Nigeria) – Local Faculty (Statistics and System Analyst)
  • Mike Ladun (Nigeria) – Local Faculty (Entrepreneurial Skill Expert)
  • Adeoye A. Falade (Nigeria) – Local Faculty (Pensions & Life Assurance Expert)
  • Israel Oladipo (Nigeria) – Local Faculty (Leadership, Relationship and Capacity Building)
  • Abraham B. (Nigeria) – Local Faculty (Qualified Actuary for Actuarial Services)
  • Isokari Francis Ololo (Nigeria) – Local (Human Resource Management Expert)
  • Tope Oloniniyi (Nigeria) – Local Faculty (Qualified Actuary for Actuarial Services)
  • Francis Binuyo (Nigeria) – Local Faculty (Human Resource Management Expert)


  • Isokari Francis Ololo – Executive Director, Abuja
  • Mary Mike-Ikupolati – Executive Director, Abuja.
  • Abubarkar Sadiq Omar – Executive Director, Abuja.
  • Kunle Akinrinade – Managing Consultant, Lagos.
  • Israel Oladipo – Programme Manager, Lagos.
  • Olumuyiwa Adegboyega – Marketing Executive, Abuja.
  • Sunday Moses – Marketing Executive, Abuja.
  • Kayode Melafe – IT Consultant.
  • (Mrs.) Maria Maya Kolawole – Secretary
  • Cynthia Igbobili – Public Accounts Manager.