Global Intellectual Consult Limited is an international firm established and registered in Nigeria on 21st November 2012. We provide you consultancy and bespoke training in Management, Leadership, Marketing and Financial Services. We also help your organization solve complex business problems that leads to performance improvement.

At Global Intellectual Consult Ltd. (GIC), We offer a wide range of high quality Pension & Insurance consultancy services, IT services, Training and development programmes both locally and internationally.  We are internationally reputed for practical training programmes which are capable of creating knowledge and skills required to effectively leverage your business environment.  We organize open and Customized training programmes designed to fit your organization’s capacity-building requirements within the current global context.

We will help you to develop practical, realistic and sound solutions to your business challenges and implement proffered solutions for lasting results.

We are highly reputed for quality training and development programmes. We will organize programmes for you based on the most current thinking in the field with modern and most recent technology-based presentations, with a robust customer care and logistics supports throughout your training periods.

Our unbeatable experiences of providing training and development programmes to both Private and Public sector organizations, especially by our Consultants, span over thirty years, which gives us the depth and breadth of expertise that makes us unique and hence a leader in the manpower development sector of the Nigerian Economy. We do not only have extensive experience in diverse industries, our track records are benchmark in African nations such as South Africa, Kenya, Liberia, Ghana, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Sudan and The Gambia, to mention a few.

We are recognized as the leading Training Needs Analysts (TNA) in Nigeria.  We are confident we can help you identify what skills are needed and provide appropriate recommendations for training to fill your requirements. We will also design and deliver a solution that suits your specific needs and best fits your work culture and learning style.

We advise global leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities.

We have trained global organisations and even Presidents!